Virgin Group Summer Parties

  • Watermark has managed the Virgin Group Summer Parties since 1994. The events, one of the largest private parties held in the UK, host up to 60,000 Virgin Staff and their families together with key customers of the various Virgin Group companies. The parties are designed to entertain and wow from midday through until midnight. Watermark source and co-ordinate a vast range of activities and entertainment together with different catering to appeal to everyone from tiny tots to older rockers!

  • As the Virgin Group has grown, so have their Summer Parties. At the last event the Watermark team welcomed 60,000 guests, parked 23,000 cars, served nearly 140,000 meals and poured 350,000 drinks, managed 100 performers, brought in 95,000 litres of water and took away 75 skips of rubbish by the end of the event!